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Hello i am a freelance Photographer, Videographer and CG artist from Sydney who has studied and exceeded in the fields.

I have had experience in multiple areas of 3D including modelling, texturing, lighting, post production and even some UI. Photography has been apart of my life since given a camera and shot travel experiences as well as organised shoots, all have edited on Adobe Packages.

Studying at AIE had allowed for skills to be developed in various 3D packages and game engines. These skills have manifested into allowing me to work on multiple projects and companies. That has meant working on smaller additional projects and learning more about other areas that develop more knowledge as well. I have come to realise working with a great team makes all the difference and is truly what is important.

I am a continually aspiring artist in photography and digital art with innovative ideas. 

I also host a newly produced podcast ‘To Be Continued…’ passionately discussing creativity, modernism and life discussions.

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