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MatchMoving Exploration (prior to AnimalLogic Training)

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Edit: This was a research task to apply and get ready for Animal Logic Match moving selection for their internal Upskilling, Within learing at Animal Logic we used 3DEqualizer4 Been researching and looking into different ways to match move to freshen up. Looked into a variety of programs that are capable are; Nuke Boujou

Syntheyes After Effects (least friendly to do so stopped with it)

This was the attempt in SynthEyes, it mostly worked (to a minimal degree), although using the tools and workflow wasnt very comfortable to work with, especially when placing markers, and objects to preview the space

The rest of my attempts are in Nuke, in comparison to SynthEyes it was much more easier for me to work with as im familiar with node based workflows, and used nuke years ago for some compositing scenes. I went and looked into using the camera tracker, custom trackers, lowering error percentage. Taking the information and building point cloud data and generating meshes from it and placing primitives from the information from it. Not completely perfect but the idea and flow makes more sense to me, below are more tests ive attempted.

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